If you’re a Christian who loves listening to music, we’re the project for you. Modern Christian music is our priority here at 19 Lions. Our project is noteworthy due to the pure diversity of our members. Although our members all come from different churches, they’re united in their love for music. The members of our musical project include vocalist J. Nicholson, choir director and vocalist Romell Dash, vocalist Chontell Lucas, drummer Donnie Marshall, vocalist Jerome Johnson, vocalist Regina Woodard, keyboardist Karl Moraski, bassist Nelson Rios and singer-songwriter and guitarist Bill Guandolo. Our project even has the talents of Emmy nominated producer John Custer.

If you want to enjoy our contemporary Christian tunes, you can download a song entirely for free by visiting our official website and providing us with your email address. Our website shop also has T-shirts, stickers and bracelets to support the group. If you’d like, you can download our EP as well.

Our website is extensive and fans who visit our site can easily access many photos of our group. They can also access lyrics for our tracks such as “I Believe,” “United” and “Almighty God (Psalm 19).”

When 19 Lions makes music, we concentrate on God. We also concentrate on the scripture’s good news. We make the most out of the musical skills God gave us. When we make and perform music, our priority is always to praise Jesus and all of the gifts he’s offered to us during this lifetime. We want to remain humble and always put Christ in the center of all we do.

19 Lions is on many social media sites. We can be found on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Fans of our music can easily get into contact with us by following us on those websites. If they want, they can also choose to email us directly. Our website provides readers with a direct phone number. We’re happily based in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina and we hope to keep expanding our musical journey and work with many other Christian artists from all over.

If you keep track of us on social media sites such as Facebook you will get updates on our new album and get a glimpse into the writing process. Following us on social media can also be an excellent way for you to show your support in our mission: to spread the word of God and perform meaningful music so stay in the loop on the exciting world of 19 Lions.

Be sure to visit our site regularly to check for upcoming musical performances. Our project regularly donates to charity. Please feel free to reply with questions and please forward our music to spread the good news of the gospel.