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Nelson Rios. It’s Not All About the Bass

Highly proficient at keyboards and guitar, Nelson Rios can play with any musician.  But where he really stands out from the crowd is on the bass. As a studio musician in Los Angeles, his credits include work with many producers for...
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Charleston SC Shooting – We Should Be United

Despite the horrific and tragic events of the Charleston SC shooting, there shines a vivid example of Gods love in a way few could have ever imagined. In other cities and areas of the country when tragedy occurs some people react in destructive and violent ways. However, when...
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19 Lions Roar for the King

The 19 Lions project was inspired by Psalm 19 and a song written by Bill Guandolo called Almighty God & Savior which was ultimately shortened to be Almighty God (Psalm 19). Says Guandolo, “I really didn’t do anything other than...
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