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ReMix of Almighty God, Psalm 19

While there is no need to remix anything God has done since His word is perfect, there is some fun and unique opportunity to remix music, even when it is Christian music.  19 Lions original song, Almighty God, Psalm 19,...
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  • Jesus Is Risen

He Is Risen

“If Christ has not been raised,” the apostle Paul taught his converts, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins” . The resurrection of Jesus Christ is of momentous importance for every Christian, indeed for everyone on this...
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Mark Schultz Healing In The Hands – Story Behind the Song

Contemporary Christian artist Mark Schultz continues to write and record impactful and meaningful new music for the world. His gifted talents have been shared with many and helped people through struggles and even led people to the cross. In the...
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Keyboard Virtuoso Karl Moraski Uses Talent to Open Hearts

charlottKarl Moraski‘ played his first song at age 2, began piano lessons at age 3, had his first solo recital at Wanamaker’s Auditorium in Philadelphia at age 5 and wrote his first song at age 6. Since then he has...
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Charlotte North Carolina’s Newest Christian Rock Band

If you’re a Christian who loves listening to music, we’re the project for you. Modern Christian music is our priority here at 19 Lions. Our project is noteworthy due to the pure diversity of our members. Although our members all...
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