Contemporary Christian artist Mark Schultz continues to write and record impactful and meaningful new music for the world. His gifted talents have been shared with many and helped people through struggles and even led people to the cross. In the fall of 2014 Mark performed at a charity event in Charlotte North Carolina for Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), an organization that helps heal soldiers who are struggling from the effects of war.  The very unique difference between this organization and any other is that ORW heals by using Jesus, the power of the Lord and prayer.  The effects of this program are nothing short of miraculous. It is an only God organization.

Two members of 19 Lions, J Nicholson and Bill Guandolo, also performed at the ORW event and got to meet Mark and hear his talent and see his heart. 19 Lions supports Mark, his music, and his love of the Lord. This video is the story behind his new song, Healing in the Hands, off his new album.  The song was inspired by the work done at ORW and the healing that is taking place there with these men.

Contemporary Christian music continues to thrive and grow and hopefully reach new believers every day as well as help Christians deal with the struggles and challenges of every day life. We hope that Mark’s new song can reach people and remind them of the hope in His word and that there truly is healing in the hands of Jesus.

“There is healing in the hands of our God, of our God, there is healing in his mighty hands. There is mercy in the one who is love, who is love, there is mercy in the one who took my place. My Savior come.”