Despite the horrific and tragic events of the Charleston SC shooting, there shines a vivid example of Gods love in a way few could have ever imagined. In other cities and areas of the country when tragedy occurs some people react in destructive and violent ways. However, when tragedy struck the people of Charleston and an evil man committed a horrible crime upon 9 innocent victims, the victims families and the people of South Carolina responded with love, unity and prayers to God.  God and love became the focus.  The town leaned on God for comfort, turned to God for calm and set their eyes on the love of Jesus for a way to react and respond.

Nowhere recently has a greater display of love and leadership been seen as evidenced by the people in the south. Thousands of people from all races, religions, backgrounds came together to unite in a show of support for the families.  All around the Charleston area and across the state people prayed for the victims families and for God to ease their pain.  Rev. Clementa Pinckney, pastor of the Emanuel African Methodist Church and a South Carolina state senator, was gunned down in the attack along with eight others during a prayer service.  Earlier this year, after Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, had been gunned down by former South Carolina police officer, Pinckney gave a speech calling for compassion and stating that “the Lord teaches us to love all.” His testimony of the word of God ring on and they have provided guidance and leadership despite his death.

Charlotte NC Christian rock band, 19 Lions, released a song about our need to be united in Jesus’ love earlier in 2015. The song is a call to put down our pettiness and join hearts in the Lords name. After seeing the reaction of the people of Charleston, a local Charlotte video producer remembered the words of the song and felt compelled to put it to actual news footage to show the love filled response from the people in the south. J Nicholson, worship leader for New Charlotte Church, sings lead along with Romell Dash and his vocal team.