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New Christian Music Single!

Christian Rock Worship Music

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Who is 19 Lions:

Christian Rock Charlotte NC

19 Lions is an artistic music project bringing together Christian artists from different churches, denominations and locations coming together to praise the King. Worship music in Charlotte NC is everywhere.  What makes this group different is the thought was not to promote a single church or artist but rather keep the focus on Christ and the good news of scripture while using the talents God has provided to sing a song to the Lord through Christian rock and worship music.  New Christian music and Christian rock continues to grow and reach new people every day. 19 Lions plans to continue to write and record worship music about the journey of life with Jesus and perform unique Christian rock in Charlotte NC and begin touring to reach new followers across the region.  Please share the 19 Lions website with friends, believers, and seekers as well and hopefully this type of worship music and Christian rock will strike a nerve and reach a new heart.

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Contact Info


Phone 704-363-2582

Location: Charlotte NC

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